About AppMinutes

Sharing the Knowledge

We want to establish a solid bridge between those that seek information about Business Applications and people that are able to provide them.

It is a unique opportunity for small SaaS providers to be seen and heard, without extra effort.

People that seek their ideal applications will have a wider range of information supply as to what would fit them best.

After all, the best known applications are not necessarily the best ones for you, getting the best fitting service means you will be able to accomplish your work more easily with less hassle.

Sharing our Viewpoint

The resources available are many, but the way we have to find a good SaaS application today is not a good way.

We are getting overflown by different app-searching directories that show a flawed picture of the applications that are represented.

Some of the reviews on the sites are truthful, praising but often lacking in detail. Others are bought or ratings and visibility boosted through payments.

There are a lot of SaaS providers and products, because there are a lot of businesses in need of those services. So why not take a more direct approach?

When a business has a need, they can express their need on AppMinutes and in turn providers or experts can give them advice.

As giving good advice and proving how fitting they are as solution is their first line of interest after all.

Of course businesses will still be testing the applications out before pulling the trigger and deciding on one.

But giving everyone the chance to work together through it this way and making the search process less of a hit and miss is why we have been working on this advice board.

Sharing the Vision

There have been many thoughts about this topic on our side, and we strongly believe that it is a good step in the right direction.

It will minimize the gap between providers and customers and both will be better off for it.

We pride ourselves in the initiative we have taken to set this process in motion.

We also have some other projects and works that we are also proud of and might interest you:

Contact us at info@appminutes.com.