• What is AppMinutes?

    AppMinutes is a community, where it is possible to share information about applications with required characteristics. Focused and in a simple way without having to search through application directories.

  • Can anyone post on AppMinutes?

    Anyone that has a valid AppMinutes account may ask questions and give advice.

  • How can I get an AppMinutes account?

    Simply click the sign-up button in the top right part of the page and go through the short process.


  • How do I submit a question?

    After creating your account and signing in you go to the menu and select “Ask” under the Question panel. Then a form will appear which you can fill out with the contents of your question and select “Ask” at the bottom of the page to submit the question.

  • Can I edit a submitted question?

    It is possible to edit a submitted question. If you are signed-in there will be an “Edit” button next to your question, press that and edit your question as needed.

  • How can I check for similar already existing questions?

    Above the questions there is a search bar, there you can enter keywords that coincide with those you are looking for and all the questions containing them will be listed.


  • How do I give advice?

    At the bottom of a question, past any already given advice, is an answer box which you can fill out with the contents of your answer and select “Answer” to submit the answer.

  • Can I edit a given advice?

    It is possible to edit a given advice. If you are signed-in there will be an “Edit” button next to your advice, press that and edit your advice as needed.

Asking the question

  • What is a category?

    Different apps do different tasks and have their own set of features. Categories are a way to quickly classify questions. You can assign up to 3 categories to each question. Use them wisely.

  • Why do I have to select an industry?

    Some apps are very focused on certain industry's specific requirements. This does not always mean they do not work for other industries, it just means they are optimized for their users even more. Defining your correct industry will help you get these specialized suggestions.

  • How do I ask a good question?

    There are a couple of things you can do to make your question better. It is very important to choose relevant category / industry tags. Question title should be specific, but not too long. In the body explain in detail what you want your app to do. What are your expectations? Outline specific needs / features in the required features field. If you have tried other apps before, share your experiences with them as it helps show your preferences.

  • I asked a question, but no one is giving me advice. What can I do to get help?

    Make sure your question is clear and that you have set correct category / industry tags. You can make more people see your question by sharing it on your social media.

Giving advice

  • How to give good advice?

    Obviously the best possible advice includes at least 1 suggestion. Try to explain why you think your suggestion is the best for the asker by explaining how it solves their exact and specific issues. Suggest multiple solutions, outlining pros and cons of each if you can.

  • Do I have to give advice with suggestions?

    You can give advice without making suggestions, but we encourage you to give a new advice only if you want to make suggestions. Use comments for other messages.

Searching questions

  • How can I find a certain question?

    You can search questions by keywords that you enter into the search field. You can also use "advanced" search options, where you can specify all other search criteria (category, industry, app, custom tags).

  • What are favourite questions?

    Your favourite questions are all of the questions you were somehow involved in (either you asked the question, gave advice, or commented) or questions you upvote.

  • What is following?

    Following certain questions is intended mainly for SaaS application providers who develop apps for certain categories / industries. It notifies them when a relavant question is posted. They can also follow the apps they develop - in case someone used their app and mentions it - they can respond or just get feedback.

  • How do I set up following?

    It's simple. You will find an option to set up following in the bottom of the "advanced" filter options. You can follow multiple criterias, and can also name each one.


  • I can't find an app on the list when asking a question or giving advice. What can I do?

    You can always add new apps to the list (when asking or giving advice). If the app you are looking for is not on the list, just enter its full name and confirm by pressing "Enter" key on your keyboard.

  • I am an app provider and want to manage the app details page. How can I do that?