Quick Guide


Simple Instructions how to use AppMinutes advice board.

How to ask a question:

After pressing the Ask a Question button a new window will take you to the asking section.
At the top you will have some tips, following those will help you get better advice.

The following are the main parts of your question and are required to be able to ask your question.

  • Title

    In the Title section write a title that summarizes what you need.

  • Question

    In the Question section write the body of your question, details and explanations are welcome.

  • Category

    Select the category that fits your application.

Filling out the following is optional, but keep in mind that the more information you provide, the more accurate the given advice will be.

  • Industry

    Select the Industry that fits your application.

  • Required Features

    In the Required Features section you can write the most important features your desired application should have. Write one feature per line.

  • Apps I have already tried

    In the Apps I have Already Tried section you can add applications you have tried before, so that you do not get those applications advised.

How to give advice:

After pressing the Give Advice button it will take you down to a new section with a form you can fill out to give your advice.

The following are the main parts of your advice and are required to be able to give your advice. You are required to fill out at least one of them.

  • My Suggestions

    Enter the application(s) you suggest. You can either select it from the list of applications or add a new application.

  • My Advice

    Write why your advice is a good fit.

Filling out the following is optional after entering a suggested application, but keep in mind that the more information you provide the more accurate the given advice will be.

  • Comment

    Write any comment you have about the use of the application.

  • Pros

    Write the strengths of your suggested application. Write one pro per line.

  • Cons

    Write the weaknesses of your suggested application. Write one con per line.

Replying to suggestions

To reply to suggestions you click on Add a Comment under any of the given advice.

Community standards to uphold

We are dedicated to maintain a friendly online community where members of all technical backgrounds can feel relaxed and comfortable to share their business requirements. Like any community, we have certain standards. When members join our advice board, they agree to abide by these standards.

Respect each other's opinions. If you disagree with a comment, feel free to respectfully and politely challenge that comment in a civil manner. Do not engage in personal attacks (including name-calling) on fellow commenters.

Stay on topic. Members ask questions to get a solution, talking about pizza when trying find a fitting CRM is not productive.

Don’t use profanity. We want to cultivate a civil environment that does not contain content that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, harassing, or threatening.

Keep it legal. Any illegal activities will result in a permanent account ban and removal from the community.

Respect other Member’s privacy. Do not share other member’s private information like email address, phone number and other identifying information.